W - cms

Nobody can see the whole map of your secrets plans


Technically, W is a PHP flat-file CMS using Markdown and a specific synthax, pure CSS, the possibility to add Javascript and external libraries.

W is a tool, that mean it's up to you to make something out of it. It's desgin to let you a land, a space, to shape wathever you want. W have a very spacial approach, witch means that you create spaces using it, you add places. Those places have an adress, a web adress, and can all have they own identity. It's up to to you to link it, to create your own network inside the internet's one or offline.

This can be used as a note taking tool, and at the same time, a publishing tool. You can use it to store ideas, present research, create interactive narrations, and its even better all at the same time !

Get Started


W uses only PHP, and it's own flat file database system, witch mean you don't need anything else than a server running PHP >= 7.4.


Download the lastest W version, to use on your server. πŸ“¦ download W.zip


If you want the last stable realease, check the last Github realease zip file. Then, you just need to put the whole content of the folder on your server, under any number of subfolders.
Go to https://yourwebsite/your/path/to/W/ and just follow the installation guide. You will have to indiquate the path to your W folder, how you want to call your database storage and create at least one admin user.

Become a Beta tester

If you want to be a beta tester, or if you just want to try, there is a free space for you ! You can create your own version of W online for free. You just need to get in touch by E-mail or by Github. The best is to create a Github account, that way tou can easely report issues. There will be a subfolder created for your instance of W on this website. Of course, if you really like it, you can take it with you later !

How it works

W is supposed to be very quick and simple to let you create your world as speed as your ideas come ! But if you want to fo further, you can get more complex tools, like templating, external libraries, automatic list.

Here are a couple of examples of basics moves on W :

Page creation

All pages you create have a unique ID. Here it is : newpage newpage

Markdown synthax

W use standard Markdown synthax. markdown

Internal link creation

Use the page ID to create internal link. link


W is an homemade project made by Vincent Peugnet. He would like to thanks differents people that help the project exist :